Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year - New Shows

2009 is just around the corner and so are our new shows! Those old shows are so...2008. But these new shows are totally shiny and awesome! And some of the shows we did back in 2008 have been revamped to have a more modern and 2009 feel to them. Come check them out! Want more information? You can get that information on the INTERNET, which you are currently on, but in a different location on the INTERNET. That location is here. The future is now!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed In

We had to call a snowday at the theater this weekend... due to EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS in Portland. Ugh. It's continuing all week as well. Thanks a bunch, mother nature.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Fever

We decorated the tree and hung stockings at the bar,
The people will come from near and from far,
To buy tickets and drinks from the Curious Staff
and sit in the audience to cheer and to laugh,
At all of the great shows we have in our space,
to give you high spirits and a smile on your face.
So come one, come all to Curious Comedy Theater
We provide the laughs that cure holiday fever.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cagematch: Round 2

PCC's PANTS came back to defend their week-long champion reigning status against Reed College's Fellatio Rodriguez.
Fellatio Rodriguez
After each team did their 22 minutes, we had a Tango set to the tune of Nob & Bate - who explored the topics of Government and Platypus.
Once our Tango set finished, the results were tallied and the winner was declared.
For the second consecutive week PANTS have held on to their title. Congratulations, PANTS!

Debuts, Santas, and Birthday Cake

This weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night we did our first showing of "Who's Playing Santa This Year?" On Saturday night we debuted "An Entirely Secular Totally Non-Denominational Completely All-Inclusive Winter Holiday Celebration Comedy Sketch Show." This show opened up with a slo-motion Santa fight scene which then turned into a dance number featuring the whole cast dressed up as Santa Clause. We ended that show with an improv set that took us to a snowboarding lesson that involved Scott Rogers and Bri Pruett flailing all over the stage and I ended up on the balcony at the "top" of the mountain. Good times.

Then, because it was my birthday, Stacey and Kathryn went out and got me a cake. And I sat onstage and blew out the candles, and then by popular demand I shoved my face in the cake. Fun times had by all.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Come See Super Project Lab!

Last night 3 members of the improv troupe "Super Project Lab" took over our stage and presented their show, "3Some." It was great. They did the kind of improvised scene work that makes me think I need to be rehearsing more. Everything they did onstage was meaningful and added something to the scene but never once seemed laborious. Seamless would be a good word for their show last night. They will be doing another show tonight and two more shows next week. The show starts at 9:30 and tickets are $10, but they told me to tell you that if you come to our 7:30 show you can stay for their show for free! Oh, and if you want to get into our 7:30 show for free, just say "And you smell like one too," at the door. Trust me!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Shows!

Come check out our Holiday shows! Beginning this weekend!

Winter Break Camp!

Curious Comedy is offering Winter Break Classes for folks in grades 2-8!
If you need some fun things to do during your school break, look no further than the Curious Comedy Theater!
Two Sessions! 9am to 3pm (2 hour extension is available for $15 more)
December 22, 23 (Session 1)
December 29, 30, 31 (Session 2)
We will write and create a show, starting with ideas fleshing them out into scripts and scenes, to be performed on the final day!
check the Curious Comedy Website for more information!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

College Cagematch: Round 1

This Sunday was the premiere of the Sunday Night College Cagematch.
Two teams entered the ring (performed on the stage) and only one team survived (gets to come back next Sunday)!!! (three exclamation points for excitement!!!)
This week:
University of Portland's ACT UP!
went up against
Portland Community College team Pants
Each group got 22 minutes to strut their stuff. Both groups put on great shows, but the audience got to decide who gets to come back next Sunday and defend their title... and they chose...
Come check out the college cagematch this coming Sunday at 7:30 pm and watch PANTS defend the title!